Alexify, A work in progress

I recently attended a Hack-a-thon in my home city of Peterborough, while there I worked on quite a cool little project that I have decided to take further. This project combines my love of Spotify and cloud computing. That project became Alexify.


“Whats Alexify?” I hear you asking. Well Alexify, portmanteau or Alexa and Spotify, is a program for the Amazon Echo, these programs are referred to by Amazon as Alexa Skills and have fairly in-depth access to the Alexa AI.

So thats where the name comes from, what about what it actually does? Alexify will use the Spotify API more specifically the get-audio-features call which, when sent with a track ID, can return various pieces of information relating to the song. Examples of these are energy, livelines, acousticness and so on. Using this readily available information that is kindly provided through the API, the code can send a track ID and return the given information.

Language, it makes things work.

The primary language of the Alexify skill is Python along with the Alexa Skill language. I chose python as it’s language that can run fine on web enabled devices and I really don’t want to learn JavaScript.

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